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Acamar Partners is a group of investment professionals with significant experience investing in and operating private and public companies. The group has a demonstrated value creation and business expansion track record, having helped multiple businesses expand internationally, enter new markets and channels, and identify and execute M&A opportunities.

In February 2019 Acamar Partners sponsored the Nasdaq IPO of Acamar Partners Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company targeting a $300 million to $1 billion equity investment in a company in the consumer and retail sectors with a leading position in its segment of operations. On October 21, 2020, Acamar Partners Acquisition Corp. announced a business combination agreement with CarLotz, Inc., a leading consignment-to-retail used vehicle marketplace. The transaction combined Acamar Partners Acquisition Corp.'s $311 milling cash-in-trust and a $125 million PIPE subscribed by a pool of institutional and strategic investors. CarLotz debuted on Nasdaq on January 22, 2021 under the ticker LOTZ.

Acamar Partners is interested in businesses operating in sectors including but not limited to: travel retail, luxury, fashion, lifestyle, leisure and entertainment, food and beverage, restaurants, beauty and consumer branded products and services. We intend to add value to shareholders by helping an already strong business expand into new markets, enter new channels, improve organic growth and pursue M&A opportunities.

Acamar Partners seeks to acquire a business that has some or all of the following characteristics:

Important Position in a Growing Industry

Committed and Capable Management Team

Multiple Revenue and Earnings Growth Drivers

Potential to Grow through Further Acquisitions

Strong and Sustainable Free Cash Flow

Resilience to economic downturns

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